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Our Initiatives

Is it time for YOUR company to turn over a new Leaf? We are committed to growth in more ways than one - learn how we are invested in our community, our country, and YOU!
You Just planted a tree

We plant a tree for every invoice we send out.

Partnered with TreeCanada

We are committed to leaving things better than we found them, whether it is forklift service or the Earth. Giving back to our beautiful country seemed like the right place to start. We have partnered with TreeCanada to make sure it happens.

Learn more about them at Tree Canada.ca

Time for a change

We sponsor operator training for those who need a change.

Partnered with First for Safety

We know that times get tough, and it can be hard to make a change when you need it. That's why we are putting together a program for individuals who can't seem to get there on their own! Contact us to get put on the wait list and we will let you know when the next community course becomes available. 

Learn more about them at First For Safety.ca