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Upgrades and Accessories

Safety Gear

When it comes to safety, we never cut corners. Here are a few ways you can enhance the safety of the equipment at your workplace. We are happy to ship, deliver, install, provide guidance, or whatever we can do to better take care of your workers and workplace. 

Safety Lighting

Blue lights, red lights, strobe lights, headlights and more, we can make sure your operators can see and be seen better in the workplace.

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Pre-Inspection Checklist

An essential part of every shift, your complete inspection checklists are a critical part of safety. Caddies with a check book and replacement books available.

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LPG Handling Gloves

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) or "Propane" handling gloves for changing LPG tanks. Are you like me, and find the generic gloves are several sizes too small? Multiple sizes available!

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Battery Maintenance PPE Kit

Everything you need to keep your batteries in top shape. Includes a "Battery Maintenance Guidelines" poster.

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Safety First. Always.

We have partnered with some of the most innovative and forward thinking safety companies on the market today - such as SEEN Safety. We would love to come show off SEEN's Iris detection system so that you can see it in action, and discover how we can together make your workplace safer for everyone.

IRIS 860

Detects the presence of reflective material in the programmable "danger zone" of your equipment. Works with any reflective vest available from your local safety supply outlet, or even reflective tape to tie in your machinery and building to the safety enhancements offered by this unit. No special tags required! Not to mention FAR more cost effective than the laser type systems on the market. Call us today and see it for yourself!

IRIS-i Camera

Add a camera to your IRIS system and capture the cause of the alerts - a great way to focus your pedestrian and operator training where it is needed most.


Time for some new wheels? Need a solution for your material handling needs?

We've got you covered. New and used equipment and high quality parts and accessories at your fingertips.

Call us at (647)564-LEAF(5323), or fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your solution.
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