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Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

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We love to show the difference experience and passion makes. You have built a business that demands the best, and that is what we are here for. The best service, where and when you need it, and we aren't satisfied until you are.


If you can lift it, we can fix it.

We work on a large variety of makes, models, and styles, and if you don't see your equipment listed here - give us a call. We will always do our best to help.

Lift Trucks

Our main bread and butter, we service all makes and models of lift equipment to keep you working.

Auto Hoists

Have a lift that doesn't drive around a yard or warehouse? We've got you covered there too. 


From Boat Hoists (Travel Lift) to Marina Forklifts (Wiggins, Taylor, etc.) and Mast Cranes, we are your source for lift repairs even when you are on the water.

Aerial Equipment

Scissors, Booms, Work Platforms and more, we have the expertise to keep you safe and mobile at any height.

Rough Terrain

When things get tough and dirty, so do we. Ready to service your rough terrain material handling and construction equipment.

Personnel and Burden Carriers

Even when you just need to get from A to B, we can get you there and back. Servicing all makes and models of Golf Cart, Personnel and Burden carrier.

Attachments and Accessories

If it hangs on, off, or around, we can probably fix that too. All kinds of attachments and accessories repaired and serviced.

And More.

If you don't see it here, that doesn't mean we can't help. Give us a call today and let's see if we can keep you growing!